GTA 6 Leaked Image Sparks Excitement Among Players – What Could it Reveal?

A ief time ago, followers of the franchise business were going over the feasible cities, places as well as events that would exist in Grand Theft Vehicle 6, as well as this time a new picture showed up to better stir the gamers’ imagination.

New picture of GTA 6 arouses excitement among gamers

Given that GTA 6 was the sufferer of the biggest leak in the history of video games, we see even more and more info here as well as there showing up on the internet for our biggest joy (or not).
After 90 images and video clips shared on the web, a and-new picture capture evidently had its little result on players.
On Reddit, the user Thetensedoctor released a photo that appears to come from the upcoming job of Rock star.

Although it is just an image, we can see realistic look and also especially the visuals update that is obvious from the excellent leakage.
Here it appears that we are taking care of one of the 2 lead characters of the game, that is, with the personality Lucia, who occurs to be behind and stands in improperly lit streets.


As we can see, the light video game is incredible, and there really seems to be immersion.
Bear in mind that the GTA 6 must run in a and-new graphic engine, Craze 9.
The picture, although existing, was not defined by Superstar Games (regardless of being erased from socials media by copyright…).
A response that suggests its fact.
The company has not commented as well as will most likely not clarify anything.