Haas Team Strips Down Command Stand with Mini – Nico Hülkenberg – Formula 1 Bahrain Test Drives

The terminal constructed on the pit wall usually provides room for five to 7 people from the monitoring crew of an auto racing group.
Haas has only 3 seats at the command stand in the future and, according to team manager Gunther Steiner, wants to conserve a lot of cash.
With 3 places, the racing team around driver Nico Gutenberg can cover what we need to cover as well as we can reschedule, he kept in mind at the tests in Sakai.
But most of all, it is a conserving to place the cash into development due to the fact that there is a cost limit.
According to Steiner, the smaller command stand can save approximately $250,000 a year in products expenses.
The cash can consequently be purchased the advancement of the vehicles of Gutenberg as well as colleague Kevin Rasmussen.

line of work on the bridge varies

The line-up at the command stands directly on the pit wall varies relying on the racing group.
Generally, team managers, primary strategists and racing designers take a seat there.
The young boys had this concept, as well as I said: ‘If I have to remain within, I have not a problem doing that, stated Steiner, who then adheres to the units in the box.