Exploring the Magical World of Hogwarts Heritage: Classes, Objects and Lessons.

Classes Hogwarts Heritage are what you need to go to learn to better use spells, make potions and much more.
You can even get some tools by studying different subjects, and get a chance to establish close contact with professors in Hogwarts’s Heritage.
You can study eight different subjects in the classroom taught by Professor Hogwarts heritage, and here we will tell in detail about all of them.

Classes and items that you can visit in the Heritage of Hogwarts

Below are 8 classes that you can go to the Hogwarts Heritage, as well as details about the types of lessons that you can expect when studying these subjects.
Protection from dark arts

Protection from Dark Arts

You might think that Professor Shape will teach you this subject, but in the Hogwarts heritage everything is a little different.
Here you will learn how to protect against dark arts from Professor Dina Heat.
Protection from dark art is what you should learn.
This will help you cope with the dark wizards in Hogwarts’s Heritage and their curses.
You will study several useful spells, such as Intended and Levies, which will help you attack enemies, and not just focus on protection.



In this lesson, you will learn about the life of plants and how important they are for wizards.

This lesson will take place in the greenhouse.
Therefore, the things surrounding you are quite cool, and Professor Mirabel Garlic also teaches you smoothly.
You will learn, for example, how to use plants in potions and spells to defeat your opponents in Hogwarts’s Heritage, and also learn how to paralyze your enemies with the help of Manager.


It is quite difficult to learn how to make potions in Hogwarts’s Heritage, but it’s worth it if you study it properly.
In this subject, Professor Aesop will teach you many ingredients that you can use to prepare some potions in the game.
The potions will help you restore health, increase the characteristics and even find love.
If you manage to prepare several powerful potions in the Hogwarts Heritage, your journey will become much smoother.
Whenever you feel bad, and you have some other problem, use the necessary potion to return to the right direction.


This is not the favorite class of wizards in the Hogwarts legacy;
Honestly, this did not help you much.
You must take this class to unlock the broom, as it opens only after performing the flying class quest.
As soon as you get a broom and learn to saddle it, you may not even have to go through this course on this subject in the Hogwarts Heritage.
If you want to update the broom, you must follow other methods.
You can take part in various tests and complete them to improve the broom in Hogwarts Legacy.


In spell lessons, you will study some of the most famous Hogwarts heritage spells.
These include spells such as Vanadium Levies and Action.
The main thing that this class teaches you is how you can use your wand in Hogwarts’s Heritage to pronounce various spells.
This class will also help you in studying advanced magical skills when you move forward.
You will also learn about some charms and spells in the game, as well as about well-known spells.


In this class, Professor Bad Hobin will tell you about different creatures that you will encounter Hogwarts’s heritage.
You will receive the necessary information you need to cope with these animals.
You will also learn the details, for example, can you tame them in the Hogwarts Heritage or not in the topic Beast.

Astronomy is an object that may not be available to you in the later part of Hogwarts’s heritage.

In this class, Amravati Shah will tell you about the universe, planets, stars and everything that is connected with them.
This is not a very important class, but nevertheless, its study will somehow benefit you in the Hogwarts Heritage.


In the topic, Mudiva will teach you how to use various tools, rituals and objects to predict the future in the Hogwarts Heritage.
You can also get acquainted with the crystal charming you can use to learn about future events in the Hogwarts Heritage.
In addition to these classes, some other classes in the Hogwarts heritage are still not confirmed.
A subject in which we are still not sure whether you can take it or not, magical theory, the history of magic and transfiguration.
Professor Eleazar FIG will teach the class of the theory of magic, and Professor Matilda Weasley and Albert Binds in Hogwarts’s Heritage will teach the classes Transfiguration and History of Magic, respectively.