The Flash: Major Changes Ahead in the DCU for Ezra Millers Upcoming DC Film

Anyone looking forward to the lots of various cameo looks in The Flash ought to soon prepare for some changes.
At Twitter, several insiders confirmed that to prepare for the movie were often completely thrown over the stack.


This is specifically about the end of the DC task.
The Flash was really planned as a reboot of the Debut this is no longer the case.

What was changed in the movie?

On 15.
June 2023 The Flash appears in the movie theater.
At this point we alert you of spoilers that revolve around the supposed end of the movie.
So it was prepared that Barry Allen would go back to his own timeline at the end.

The surprise here is that Batman returnee Michael Keaton and extremely lady starlet Sasha Called all of a sudden ended up in the DCEU-Timeline, which is why there would have been more appearances in other movies.

DCU managers have other strategies

Because you wish to make it clear to the fans that Michael Keaton and Sasha Called will no longer be there in the new DCU, this teaser was just removed from The Flash.
At the minute it is still unclear what takes place to the other cameo appearances during the movie.
Ben Affleck’s resurgence is prepared as a Batman for the DC project.
Henry Cavill as a Superman is likewise planned with a cameo.
Michael Keaton’s absence of look has more follows.
Obviously the Batman actor should no longer appear in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.
However, it is hypothesized that James Gun with flash actor Ezra Miller wish to continue working in the DCU-cure all the debate that he recently made.
Just a few days ago, those accountable provided the first movies and series for the DCU.
We have summarized what awaits you here in a various message!
Source: ComicbookMovie
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