How Weston McKennie And Cristiano Ronaldo Harmonized In The Juventus Turin Cabin: A Former FC Schalke 04

In the 2020/2021 season, Weston McKenzie and Cristiano Ronaldo were under agreement with Juventus Turin
They got on well and won the Italian trophy.
In the cabin, the ex-professional of FC Schalke 04 and CR7-also balanced or precisely since the Portuguese superstar understood about its worth.
It is difficult to figure out just how much Cristiano Ronaldo’s feet are really worth.
The fact that the Portuguese superstar put a lot on his treads would have been obvious without the curious anecdote, which his previous colleague Weston McKenzie unpacked over CR7 at his performance at Leeds United.
I tell you a story about Ronaldo: He was simply getting a massage, I ran over and said: ‘Oh my god, your feet look horrible,’ said the ex-Schalker when he was at his time with Ronaldo at Juventus Turin.
Pertained to speak.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s feet worth a billion euros?

According to McKenzie, Ronaldo, who commemorates his 38th birthday on Sunday, reacted quick and replied: ‘ My good friend, these feet deserve a billion euros.’.
The ex-Schalker apparently did not wish to contradict this proud assessment.
With the words You are right, he answered respect, the US national gamer continued.
It is probably a matter of opinion whether Ronaldo exaggerates with his assessment.
From his time at Genuine Madrid, where he had his successful time at the club level from 2009 to 2018, it has actually been handed down that the royal ones had the legs of the objective and title guarantor guaranteed for a knee injury for 206 million euros at that time.
With his humorously meant remark, Ronaldo, who has actually been searching for Al-Aqsa FC in Saudi Arabia since January, might likewise be hunted, but perhaps also on the financial income that he produces as a player and brand name.


They are likely to move between jersey sales, marketing agreements and ing successes in the billion dollar sector.