TSG Hoffenheim Moves On From Andre Breitenreiter: Whats Next For The Club?

The days of André Breitenreiter as coach of TSG Cofferdam are apparently counted.
As the Build paper reports, the 49-year-old is to be left throughout Sunday.
This is stated to have been the result of a crisis idea in Zuzenhausen on Sunday.
Already on the 2: 5 clap in the basement battle at VFL Bochum, the management of TSG with sports director Alexander Rose non Saturday evening about the future of the fitness instructors.
In assessment with Maze Dietmar Hope, the decision versus Breitenreiter is said to have been made on Sunday afternoon.


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Breitenreiter had only taken over the TSG Cofferdam from Alfred Schneider in the summer.

Since mid-October and a total of 10 competitive games, the Kraichgauer are now waiting for a win.
In the table, the Hoffenheimers come closer and closer to the transfer zone.