Get Ready To Explore The World Of Xenonia: Genonia Launches In 2021

Comes’ new MMORPG, which was being developed under the name ‘World of Genoa’, will be released in the first half of the year.


Genoa is a work that inherits the Genoa Series, which was one of the three major series of Gatesville (currently Comes Holdings).
It is a work that draws a big stroke in the mobile game industry.
In the case of two of them, it was the first domestic game to achieve the No. 1 Apple App Store sales.

The reason why he changed the existing name ‘World of Xenon’ to the same ‘Xenon’ means to inherit the worldview, narrative, and legitimacy of the existing series.
The subtitle of the game was designated as ‘Chronogram’, and a Com2uS official said, It is to reveal the connection with the original that deals with adventures in various time and space.

Genoa has a variety of contents that reinterpret the narrative of the series based on the art style of cartoon rendering technique based on Unreal Engine, and is a large scale content including ‘Invasion’, a large-scale PVP content between servers.
It aims to work beyond MMORPG.
There are few known game information about Xenon, but it is known to have received great acclaim in the in-house test that was conducted at the end of last year.

Meanwhile, Genoa is developing the ‘Summers War’ series, and Comes Holdings, which runs the game platform ‘Hive’, will be in charge of domestic and global services.