Steel Seed: A New Horror Adventure By The Makers of Close to the Sun Announced

The Italian developer studio Storm in A Teacup is happy to be able to take a very first take a look at Steel Seed, its next job, which follows the historical horror adventure Near the Sun from 2019.
Countless years have passed since the human type brought the world to the brink of destruction, which triggered the AI makers to utilize all the needed means to save a few of them.
Concealed deep listed below the surface of the earth, the last survivors are safe, but a brand-new danger has appeared.
Is it an individual?
Or a machine?
And what does that mean for the remains of the human type and its machine protectors?

Carlo IPO Alamo Bianchi, Storm in A Teacup CEO & Creative Director: Steel Seed is the most requiring project for Storm in A Teacup that offers both a different combat/stealth system and an incredible depth and emotional history.


Steel Seed is an epic journey that will check your mankind.
Steel Seed is Storm in a teacups’ analysis of stealth/action gaming and appears in 2024 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | s consoles.