The Crew 3 Announced: Ubisoft Finally Reveals Its Next Racing Game Today!

There has been speculation for a very long time that developers Ubisoft Ivory Tower is working on a brand-new game under the Lack name Task Orlando.
This is obviously a follower to The Team 2, which is expected to depend on an open game world once again.
The crew 3 might also be a little various.

After the rumors have actually increased lately, it is now main: The Team 3 is genuine.
The racing video game is still today, on 31.
January 2023, announced, as Ubisoft himself confirmed.

the team 3: Authorities statement looms

This might also imply differently, as a recent Data miner declares to have actually revealed.
According to the Twitter user Script, the crew Motor fest is hidden behind Job Orlando.
Nevertheless, the associated image has now been eliminated from Twitter due to a copyright claim.

Given that the tweets dated January 30th, this realistically implies January 31, while the times in this country represent 6:00 p.m. To put it simply: The Team’s Twitter account reveals that this Tuesday is anticipated to be revealed in all Tuesday.

The announcement that The Crew 3 is just imminent happened on a rather non-traditional path.
Rather of distributing a number of teasers over the days, the official Twitter account from The Crew 2 primarily got older tweets from serial fans, who asked for a 3rd part.


The answer was constantly the same: Tomorrow. 5pm UTC/9 am PST.

Hawaii as a setting

Whether The Crew 3 or the Team Motor fest: The reports speak of the truth that there is also a brand-new location with the 3rd series part.
After practically the entire mainland of the United States was available two times, the engines are now to be started in Hawaii-more specifically on the island of Oahu.

Additional details are not yet known, however it will not take long till the announcement.
As Expert Gaming continues, The Crew Motor fest is stated to have actually been prepared as a DLC for the crew 2.
Nevertheless, the project has actually increased in the course of development and after that became an independent game.

It stays to be seen whether this indicates that the airplanes and boats likewise return from the predecessor.
In the test for The Team 2 from 2018, the racing game knew how to persuade in spite of existing weaknesses, even if there was some potential.