Naoki Yoshida Talks Blue Protocol, Final Fantasy XIV & Why More Options Make The Genre Better

Making remarks in a current stream (as translated by The Blue Protocol Database), Yeshiva made a point that we must all bear in mind when it pertains to our preferred s.

Like, having several games is when a genre begins to get vibrant, he stated, noting that a number of FF14 team members had delegated join heaven Procedure development group. The essence that you may have your favorite video games, however having several MMOs in the area can well serve the genre into being much better.

Blue Procedure is highly prepared for among many, and Banzai Nam cos upcoming can count another noteworthy name among them: Last Dream XIV Director and Producer Naomi Yeshiva.

There has to be different games and various experiences. We ought to certainly have it, Yeshiva concludes.

While were all awaiting Blue Protocol, it deserves listening to, particularly the next time somebody attempts to claim that there are a lot of MMOs or the category is going to pieces.


Eventually, teams can learn from each other, and a lot of that certainly goes on. Yeshiva emphasizes with his comments that while the dev groups are developers, they’re also fans of the category and pay attention to feedback. Having more options in the category makes the category in general better, and makes groups think about how to obtain from what they see out there and make it their own.

Having only one of a genre, or just a few, is awful, not implying it in a snobbish or condescending method, he continues. Eventually, other games are competition, sure, however it’s not simply competition, as things could get stale otherwise, if there was no incentive to promote more.