Final fantasy xiv

8 Video Game Bosses That Let You Down: Where Did The Challenge Go?

You have actually fought half an eternity through the video game, have actually mastered numerous dungeons, and now you finally stand in front of the last boss and eagerly anticipate an epic finale!
And then that happens: Instead of a bombastic battle, the final employer can be flipped around without much effort.


The final battle was an outright child’s play and therefore a real frustration.

Skyrim, Zelda, Dark Souls: Interesting final?

In the very best case, the final boss battle demands everything you have learned more about your whole adventure.
Only with effort and need you handle to assert yourself against your foe and finally bring him down after an amazing exchange of blows.
Nevertheless, there are some games that absolutely do not get it on the chains.

Instead, the final confrontation with the villain is over within a really short time, so that as a player you nearly ask yourself the concern: How now ?!
That’s it?
We asked you on Facebook what the final employer in your opinion were far too simple-these are the 8 managers, most of whom were expecting far more:
Which bosses are you missing in our list?
Or do you believe that a few of them were even wrongly stamped as too simple?
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