Juri Knorrs History-Making Handball World Cup Win in 2023

In the run-up to the Handball World Cup, a lot was composed about the youngest in the German team.
After the general rehearsals versus Iceland (30:31 and 33:31), numerous Jury Knorr saw in between genius and madness.
What Knorr then provided to the final round in Poland and Sweden quickly let the critics fall silent.
After the opening victory versus Qatar (31:27), the playmaker of the Rhein-Neckar Lower was recognized for the only time as Male of the Match, but the DHB group brought his game to their goal in substantially more video games.
The combination of gates and helps likewise routinely caused -Kolumnist Bob Hanging to praise on the 22-year-old.
Because he liked to take obligation even in essential scenarios.
After 9 video games, it is clear: Knorr is at the forefront of three World Cup classifications.
Nobody gave more direct assists than Knorr in this tournament.
There were 52 design templates that Norway’s superstar Sander Sago sen (49), Denmark world champion Mathias Diesel (42) and France’s handlebar Bedim Remix (40) can not top with the exact same number of games.

Diesel is Knorr as a scorer on the heels

In addition, the middle male, which the lions just recently bound by the World Cup, is certainly the very best scorer (combination of gates and assists).
To the 52 helps, 53 Tore power been available in an overall of 105 points.
Fidel, chosen to the MVP of the competition, can follow 102 points.
Sago sen (88) is plainly behind it on the podium.
In the end of the Tore category, there were only two gamers ahead of Knorr, whom the IF deservedly picked the Finest Young Player: leading scorer Diesel scored 60 hits (without a single 7 meter), the German-Chilene Erwin Eichmann 54 (at 21 seven meters) and Knorr 53.
The German video game designer was also a seven-meter shooter number one at the DHB group, 23 goals from the line can not top the World Cup finals.
Knorr just required 25 efforts for this.
His entire toss rate is 62 percent.