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A Comprehensive Guide To All The Difficulty Configurations Of Dead Space & What They Change

Dead Space recreates a survival horror experience par excellence for a modern audience, which allows players to explore the ruins of the USG Chimera while being persecuted by the mutated inhabitants of the ship.
The game can be an intense and terrifying experience for the new ones in the franchise, so knowing what can be expected from the various difficulty configurations is vital to ensure that you do not ruin a game unintentionally.
To that end, here is everything we know about all the difficulty configurations of Dead Space and what they change in the game.

All Did Space’s difficulty settings

Dead Space has five levels of difficulty that can be selected at the beginning of the game: history, easy, medium, difficult and impossible.


Story is the most accessible option for new players who experience Dead Space for the first time and for those who simply want to experience the history of the game.
This difficulty configuration allows Isaac to inflict mass damage to enemies while receiving much less damage himself.
Isaac can also be cured automatically, has a larger oxygen tank and can easily escape mesomorphs.
The difficulty configuration of history gives players a significant advantage against your mutated enemies and allows the plot to occupy a central place.

Easy is a slight step ahead of this.

Isaac still has an advantage over his enemies and can cause much more damage, but his oxygen tank requires a little more control and enemy grips may be more difficult to escape.
While this experience can be a bit more challenging than the difficulty of history, I should still provide new players with a fair experience.


In medium difficulty, Dead Space Remake is played at the basic level, which means that Isaac and his enemies are on the foot of equality during the duration of the game.
Wait for a slightly more challenging combat experience than you will require you to think about your feet and be strategic to mock the mesomorphs.


The oxygen tank must also be administered with more diligence and ammunition cannot be found so frequently, which means that resources must be used in moderation.
It could be said that this difficulty is the closest to the experience of scheduled survival of the game.


Hard puts the chances against Isaac and makes mesomorphs significantly stronger, allowing them to inflict much more damage and their grips are more difficult to escape.
Nor do you expect to find too much ammunition out there, since this option of difficulty encourages players to trust their ingenuity to survive.

Impossible is the most difficult difficulty of Dead Space Remake and provides a truly brutal experience.

In this mode of difficulty, the tension is exasperated to new heights since a permanent death function is added to the game, which means that Isaac only has an opportunity to cross the unharmed USG Chimera.

This difficulty initially unlocked in the original Dead Space after finishing the game, but if you want to go through a punishment experience, you can do it in the new iteration.
That is all the information available on all difficulty configurations in Dead Space Remake and what they change.
Be sure to consult our review, as well as all our coverage related to the remake below.
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