How To Fall In Love With Shani

The first great expansion of The Witcher 3, Hearts of Stone, would simply not be complete without a new romance for Gerald (and, by extension, the players) are lost.
Once again, it comes in an ancient love, but you will have to seriously try to impress and win the approval of this interesting character.
Shane already has a story with Gerald, and is not entirely sure of wanting to be repeated.

Tour of Shane’s romance

Mission of the Dead Man Festival

During the head of Hearts of Stone Dead Mans Party, the players will attend the wedding of one of Shane’s beloved friends.
To do interesting things, there will be a third accompanying in a quite peculiar way (but we will not spoil that detail here).
The player must play his cards well during the events of the night if he hopes to acquire this romance.
Throughout the night there will be several activities in which the player must participate, as well as conversation opportunities.
Activities include pig persecution, dive into slippers, a Went game, dance, the courtship of a maiden and a search to recover entertainment.
By participating in the activities, the result is not as important as the player’s responses before and after the fact.
Shane is a very particular woman, so she reacts and appreciates a very particular attitude.
He likes courage and trust, but disdains rudeness and unnecessary attitude.
When dealing with wedding guests, always choose the most pleasant option when you covers.
If you are wrong, you will have the opportunity to apologize, be sure to do it.
You want to have a good time, don’t start fights.
There is a case in which to apologize will not yet avoid a confrontation (when the young maiden cut), but do not worry.
You will be forgiven for that.
During the diving activity with sneakers, be sure to collect all the shoes on the lake.
There are only three, so I shouldn’t take more than a few seconds, especially because you can highlight them with your Witcher senses.
Shane will appreciate the humor and intelligence of the effort.
After several activities, Shane and Gerald will dance, and out of nowhere, Gerald will place a right kiss on his lips.
She does not appreciate the daring, so be sure to choose the option that says you could not resist, since it leads to an apology and an agreement that will not leave it avoiding you later.
Continue normally until you complete the obligations of the night.
This will present an option for Gerald.
Do you continue with your search for Hearts of Stone, or stays and tries to encourage Shane?
If you want to continue with romance, choose to stay.
This will activate the mission to Midnight Clear.

A clear midnight mission

Shane will be a bit sad and will sit alone at a barn table.


Before visiting her, look for something that anime.
Reading Shane’s entry into the glossary will reveal that he likes Serial full of berries (some red berries that give flowers).
You will find them in a tree near the barn.

Choose to collect this article and Shane will be surprised to remember how it takes care of them.
Now you will walk, and you will be one step closer to the romance of Hearts of Stone.
Shane will ask some questions while they both go to the dock.
She will ask about the wedding.
Choose the option It was fine, which is the closest that Gerald can say that it was wonderful.
Then, when the discussion about the previous kiss arises, you will have the opportunity to kiss her again.
Then be sure to say it was better than before.
You will have one more opportunity to continue with your mission or give it the night you promised.
Choose to continue the night with Shane and observe how the sparks fly and love blooms in a lake lit by the moon.
A love that at first was apprehensive, heavy for the past, is now alive and well again.
In the morning, Shane will have to think things to fix things with his conscience, but the safest thing is that you see her again.
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