Free Gaming Christmas Gifts! Epic Games Store Is Giving Away A Free Halloween-Themed Game


The Epic Games store is giving away a free game for Christmas. What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a gift?

Trick, reward and pick a fight with villainous dental soldiers in Outfit Mission 2, the sweet sequel to Double Fine’s hit original, Outfit Quest, that turned fans of all ages into candy-obsessed crusaders, reads an official blurb about the game. This inspired RPG experience includes a series of new functions and gameplay improvements to double the quantity of mischievous fun. Check out spooky time-traversing landscapes, put on lovable new outfits that change into powerful Hallo-warriors, and collect even Creepier Deal with Cards to wield in battle versus a legion of hygiene-obsessed baddies. Only heroic siblings Wren and Reynold can conserve Halloween forever!

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Sometimes games do not land with critics, but they land with consumers. This isn’t the biggest example of this, but it is an example of this as it boasts a Very Favorable Steam User Review score, with 87 percent of user evaluations reviewing the game favorably.

Epic Games Shop is giving away a complimentary Halloween-themed game for Christmas. The third game in its continuous promotion of 15 complimentary video games in 15 days, the most current is just readily available to download for free till tomorrow due to the fact that tomorrow it will be changed with a new free video game.

As for the game itself, it’s Outfit Quest 2 from Double Fine Productions before it was gotten by Xbox. A Halloween-themed RPG that was released in 2014, and a sequel to 2010s Outfit Quest, Costume Mission 2 received combined reviews when it was released but because there aren’t numerous Halloween-themed video games and since it’s Double Fine, it received significant attention when you consider the game’s scope, budget, and the attention you’d expect it to get with ratings like that.