Warner Bros. Na Is Content With Dwayne Johnson. Warner Bros. Isnt Happy With Dwayne Johnson

Although Black Adam’s initial reception was positive, multiple reports have indicated that the tape could lose up to $100 million.

Given this information, Dwayne Johnson has given his face in defense of the film, something that has not been to Warner Bros.
A couple of days ago Black Adam losses were released.
In response, Johnson shared a video, where he says that the film has a benefit of between $52 and $72 million, with more than $400 million collected.


This was what he commented:

I waited to confirm it with the experts before sharing this excellent news: Black Adam will have a benefit of between 52 million and 72 million dollars.
With almost 400 million dollars raised worldwide, we are building a new step by step, the first Captain America earned 370 million dollars, for the future of DC.
However, new information from sites such as Deadline and Puck, have indicated that the figures shared by Johnson are full of false assumptions.
In this regard, it has been reported that Warner Bros. is not happy with the information that the actor has shared in recent days, since, regardless of whether the data is real or not, the company is being exposed in a way that does not
They like it.
At the moment it is unknown if Warner Bros. has planned to take action on the matter, or if they will return to work with Johnson in the future.
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Editor’s note:
It seems that Dwayne Johnson’s magic has disappeared.
Instead of being the expected blockbuster, Black Adam is positioned to be one of the greatest failures of the year, something that was not expected, and it could well end this character.