WOW: Dragon Flight – Quest For the kurf fortress! solved

In this quest guide to World of Warcraft: Dragon Flight you will find out:

  • Where you have the quest For the Kurt fortress! receives
  • What you have to do the quest
  • How the event works at the fortress

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The quest For the Kurt fortress! to get

While you are on the dragon islands, you get constant call for the political groups. So also for the Valdrakken agreement. As soon as your fame 5 reaches the agreement, Herald Flatter (a small protodrache) will come to you and give you the quest For the kite of the kite!. For the quest you have to complete the event The siege of the kite of the kite.


Where can I find the event Siege of the Kurt fortress?

The event takes place south of the obsidian citadel on the coast of awakening. There you will find a small caravan from Drain of the Black Dragon Swarm, in which the siege starts.

Important: The event starts every two hours. The start time is displayed on the world map with a corresponding countdown.

How do I conclude the event Siege of the kite of the kite?

To successfully finish the event, it is best to look for a group. You can also do it solo, but a group or even a raid is much easier and faster. As soon as it starts, you have to accompany the cart with the large frog Off and protect it from enemies. Off also wants to be fed regularly. When you have reached the goal, you have to build a basis for the attack. Then classic kill quests are waiting for you.

If you successfully complete the event, you get a chest with various parts of the equipment, reagents and more.

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