What to do with energy converters in the Callisto Protocol

During a trip to the Black Iron prison and around it in the Callisto Protocol, players will find objects such as energy converters. Since the place in the inventory is a valuable product, many are wondering whether these items should be stored and what they actually do. In the Callisto Protocol, everything has its own place and goal, so let’s help you find a place for these gadgets and AIDS.


are spare parts used for anything in the Callisto Protocol?

The long and short part of each piece of scrap found in the Callisto protocol is to sell it. Currency for improving weapons and GRP in shortage, therefore, selling energy converters, clean processors, etc. is the only way to afford some of the more expensive updates. And regardless of the status in New Game+ or choosing a chapter, it is best to receive money and receive these updates as necessary. The Callisto protocol becomes only more complicated than you delve into it. You will need all the help you can get.

As for the placement of priorities in your very limited inventory, we always advise you to try to free up their place. There are very few stations of upgrade, but upgrades of a higher level of extremely expensive. Thus, you will need to find a way to deliver these parts to the update station. It is impossible to farm the chapter or generate currency besides what you are given. This is definitely a risk and reward game, but these rewards are crucial for survival.

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