How to get and use a psayker staff in Darktide

Warhammer 40k has a list of weapons and staff that players can get. Each weapon has its own set of attacks that you can demonstrate to enemies.

Dark tide has an exclusive weapon based on the class that you play. In this case, the staff of pikers is available only for the class of pikers. Therefore, if you want to use this weapon, you need to play this specific class.


Using this staff, you can easily damage enemies. Getting the Parker Force Staff is quite easy. You are in the right place if you want to find out how to get and use it.

What is Parker Force Staff

The power staff of the player is a set of four different power storage staffs that allow the piker to use magic attacks exclusively from these stains. Previously, all the attacks of pikers were from a pistol and a shotgun without magic.

How to get a piker force

In Warhammer 40,000: Dark tide, increasing the level of trust is the only way to get the Parker Force Staff. One of the four Parker Force stains will open from the fifth level, and all of them will be unlocked at the 18th level.

Below are the requirements for the level of trust to unlock each of the Parker Force

Having reached the required level of trust, you will not receive the staff of pikers. To get Force Staff, go to any requisite or weapons nearby after reaching the necessary level of trust.

Having found a weapon, you can buy Force Staff in exchange for money. These Requisitorium or Armory will be unlocked from the very beginning of the game, but they will not give Parker Force Staff.

how to use the staff of pikers

After you received the staff of the pikers, you can use it to perform various magical attacks of long-range battle. The choice of them based on attacks is just a personal preference.

For attacks from close range, this staff is perfect, since it does not require approaching enemies close enough. Using this staff, you can forget about your protection because of all distant attacks.

Each of Parker Force states is distinguished by its behavior in attack. The attacks of all Force Staff are listed below:

  • The staff of the injury force-this staff can cause an explosion when entering the ground. After each subsequent attack, the explosion becomes stronger and stronger. Each attack by Trauma Force inflicts a maximum of 35 dangers for use.
  • The staff of a tidal force-lightning will stun and hit the electric shock of all the nearest enemies.
  • The staff of the impact of the abyss-he sends the exploding white ball to the target, which causes damage, exploding. Low rate of fire causes a maximum of 5 threats for the attack.
  • The staff of Purgata-this staff sends a series of massive flames similar to flamethrower. Using this staff, you can inflict damaging to enemies.