Half-Life: Alyx Levitation, now available for free the essential structure for your VR


The Gaming Show 2022 PC allowed us to know in depth one of the most relevant mods for the reality scene: Half-Life Alex Levitation. Fm pone and Corey Lad do built on the bes of Valve’s success a new campaign that would continue the plot with their own narrative arch. The day h arrived: it is now available, so you can enjoy it at home.

Levitation, the Alex mod that you can’t miss

Levitation offers a new campaign between 3 and 4 hours that introduces additional dialogue lines, character animations and eight challenging levels. You can download the mod through the workshop integrated in Steam. It consists of five parts that will be automatically downloaded after starting the first. Under this paragraph we leave you with its official description: if you have not completed the be game we recommend that you stop reading from here.

Alex returns to Ciudad 17 after meeting with G-Man and collaborating with Russell once again. During its absence, a mysterious hesitant building appears in the region of the city X of Ciudad 17. Two key resistance members called Barry and Maya decide to infiltrate and investigate the X sector, until the signal comes into silence… now, Alex must save to his friends and probably all resistance.

To play Mod you must have a Half-Life license on your Steam profile: Alex. During autumn sales on the platform you can find it with a 60% discount, which reduces its price to 23.59 euros. You have until November 29 to get the promotion. In Meditation, the title achieved the maximum qualification of this house: 10 out of 10. During our conclusions we said that it is a living history of the video game. A step forward in the field of virtual reality that allows to know the real potential on this side of the video game.