6 kinds of demonstration games, CFK-SK Broadband G-Star 2022 booth released

CFK announced on the 11th and 17th that it will open a B2C booth in collaboration with SK Broadband on G-Star 2022.

At the CAKES Broadband G-Star 2022 Joint booth, you can experience six games, including three Nintendo switches and PC games, and three all-in-one Playboy Play games. If you participate in the demonstration, you can receive one lucky coupon per game, and you can see various products such as CFK publishing game IP goods and Play by scratching the coupon scratch.

In addition, G-Star 2022 19 and 20 user competitions will be held. First, Six Star Gate: Star trail user event ‘High Score Attack’ will be held to present one Nintendo Switch OLED and 1 Play to one of the best scorers. Visitors who want to participate can play according to the songs and settings specified at the demonstration from the opening to 5 pm. The event song will be released later through the official CFK Social Channel and Six Star Gate Social Channel.


Meanwhile, Publisher CFK, which is publishing various games at home and abroad, is actively developing multi-platform publishing. To this end, CFK recently announced that it will enter and service five games on SK Broadband B TV. The two companies will continue to collaborate and plan to have more than 10 game lineups in Play this year.