Bag Mobile, which was banned from India, uncertainty when resuming service

Battleground Mobile is currently completely blocked by the Indian government’s request. Investors’ interest in when the van will be resolved is hot. Craft ton also said it could not predict the date of resuming the service.

Craft ton held a conference call on the 3rd quarter of 2022. During the Q & A time after the earnings announcement, there was a question about the resumption of the Indian regional sales of Battleground Mobile. We are talking with Indian authorities, he said. Indian users are asking for continuous service resumption through SNS.

Battleground Mobile has been blocked in the Indian government’s request in July, and sales were blocked in India’s Google Play and the Apple App Store. This happened in 2020, producing a separate Indian version, but the same situation occurred again. However, New State Mobile was not blocked.

Meanwhile, Crampon’s sales in the 3Q 2022, down 26% year-on-year, recorded W282.4bn.