LOL: T1s strategic genius that made a difference in Worlds thanks to a forgotten champion

The League of legends world championship is over, and we have the World 2022 winner in the DRX. However, it is still time to remember epic moments that marked LOL’s most important competition, as was the case with the semifinal between JD Gaming and Faker’s T1, responsible for starring a play of such strategic genius.

In the match in question, T1 began the best five series losing its first game and the second did not seem well, until in a moment of clarity that now became historical , Faker turned the game in an Act that left everyone perplexed.

A strategic genius

JD Gaming set up a trap on Bot Lane to end Zone’s Zeus. An action that looked good at the Chinese team in which the five players ended up committing themselves. It seemed like a solid idea, because even if they didn’t drop the Korean to planer, they could control the lower river area and get their third dragon from the game. What the Chinese did not count was that once they had so focused on the region, the T1 response would be looking for a Nash or Baron that would be impossibly other than .

We understood that it was Faker who had the idea, because he is an extremely experienced Rye player, but we can’t risk confirming this until the team launches his videos showing communication within the game. However, the point is that someone on the team saw a hole no one else could see. Zeus returned to the base after escaping and then T1 used his two teleport spells in Minions climbing the upper route to go to the Baron.

With the use of the Faker Kingdom Portal, T1 ought attention to the upper route in just 10 seconds, compromising all the features they had-and the result of the game-for a visionary play . The funny thing is that, in addition to presenting a sudden change of rhythm we rarely see in League of Legends, the T1 team also performed the goal. It was Beria, from Name, responsible for buying precious seconds to ensure the team guaranteed the Baron.

Catching this baron did not allow T1 to finish the game immediately, but gave the team the tools to achieve this goal later. With the buff they were able to press the top inhibitor that Faker, Zeus and Beria ended up knocking on . The play forced jd Gaming to make mistakes and opened new opportunities for Koreans, who were in doubt just taking a few steps to simulate a threat to the opposing base. A check that was given on 34 minutes and from which the team grew up to reach the League of legends world championship final for the fifth time in its history.

If they could not secure the Baron the Koreans would have been in a terrifying situation where to take the game later it would be much more difficult. In addition, faker found reasons to choose again Rye in the third game of the series and perform a great performance with the champion. A forgotten champion in these 2022 Worlds that was only played three times (two of them in this series) and that, in Patch 12.18 where it was used in Worlds, won only 45.8% of the games.