Traha Global launched a global one -build from more than 170 countries

Moi Games (CEO Lee Chan) announced on the 2nd that it has officially launched its MMORPG ‘Tr aha Global’.


‘Tr aha Global’ was released on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store both through the Steam platform. As it has been released as a global one-building in more than 170 countries, except for some of China, Japan, and Vietnam, all users can enjoy game contents under the same conditions.

In addition, in order to increase satisfaction with the service through smooth communication with global users, we have made efforts to create communities by region such as Discord, Facebook, and Never Café.

In commemoration of the official launch, various events are also held. In the game, a puzzle event is held when you open a puzzle after clearing the mission, and an on-time event that provides gifts when you connect to a specific time, and the official community is also prepared to compensate for the participation of the large-scale RVR content. Have. In addition, we will provide gifts to all pre-booking participants, such as the legendary rating pet ‘Little Chef Shush’ and the legendary rating ‘Ghost Wolf Lenin’.

‘Tr aha Global’ is an MMORPG that developed and started directly by ‘Tr aha’ developer Moat Games. In the mobile environment, automatic battles are deleted and directly control. Users can enjoy action and blow from the ‘Infinity Class’ system and control elements that freely change the desired weapons.

Lee Chan, CEO of Moi Games, said, We have officially released Tr aha Global. I tried to return your interest and support to the fun and fun of the game, so I hope you enjoy the game.

The support language is Korean, English, Chinese, and Chinese, and more details can be found through the official café for games and various events.