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Mobile Battle Royale Black Survival Service Announced

Mobile Battle Royale Game Black Survival, developed by Limn Neurons (former Arc Bears), will terminate the service.

On October 13, Limn Neuron announced that the Black Survival will be terminated through the official café’s announcement. It was a great honor for us to be able to be with users until season 11 after the start of the official service, he said. Thank you very much for all the users who have been with us for seven years.

The scheduled service end date is 15:00 on December 8, 2022. Game payments will be blocked after the inspection on October 13, and paid products paid between August 10 and October 13 will be applied for a separate payment cancellation. For more information, please visit the official café. In addition, a special event will be held to pay all 53 characters through the event until the end of the service.


Black Survival is a first-generation mobile Battle Royale game launched in 2015. Under the influence of the web game Battle Royale, 10 players have a way to battle until the last one on the uninhabited island of Lucia.

The Black Survival was once popular in word of mouth through its unique gameability and communication, but continued to have difficulty due to the aging and balance of the game. Developer Arc Bears merged with Neptune developer ‘O-On Blue’ in 2019 and changed its name to Him Blue Neuron. The MOB game , which uses the same IP, was developed based on Colon Blue.

In 2022, the company recruited user balance TFT and conducted a large-scale free season patch to break down the popularity and cumulative balance problems. In August, the official update was stopped by stopping the new product update and changing the regular patch every two weeks to irregular patches.