GTA Online: Discover Halloween pumpkins and all the news from October 14 to 20

usual week after week, Rockstar Games presents the novelties for GTA online , the popular multiplayer mode of GTA V , this time, with a series of Halloween pumpkins Scattered by southern San Andre part of the Halloween event. If you find ten of them you will unlock the terrifying pumpkin mk and a 50,000 GTA $ daily bonus. And if you collect all in a single day, you will unlock more exotic articles and GTA $, but be careful with the tricks… dress one of the teams in the recent way Adversary trial day making you with the mk conquers GTA online at any time this week.

New online GTA by Halloween

If you sign up for an organization and offer your services an escort or partner , you will receive the mk Frank vintage brown. Complete amission of sale of special merchandise to win the dark green vintage vampire mk. In addition, the sales carried out satisfactorily will grant 50% more GTA $ and RP this week, a gift. And if you achieve Record unidentified aircraft * with the camera of your Dramatic you will receive a reward from a generous believer.

In addition to all these novelties, you can obtain twice the GTA $ and RP in murderer and survival games with aliens . Let’s move on to vehicles; The Wehrmacht Rhine hart is now available in Southern San Andre Super Cars. On the other hand, seven new careers have been added to seven new careers with which to obtain double GTA $ and RP. GTA online players in PS5 and Xbox Series X | S They have at their disposal the Premium test vehicle Spitz Hangzhou drag and a new HSW countertenor .

For its part, the Premium concessionaire luxury cars offers the following vehicles:

  • The Clsic Silver Nagaki Outlaw equipped with the large digital cover (40% discount)
  • A matte black version of the Dina Veto Clsic with the corruption cover (40% discount)
  • The Clsic Blue Dominator GTT with the seventies urban machine cover (30% discount)
  • A durum metallic cream with the Charleston paint cover
  • Clsic dark steel vapid

In addition, the concessionaire Luxury Autos offers the Wehrmacht Rhine hart and Lambada Timon . And you can also get double GTA $ and RP in works with special vehicles . We leave you with the rest of vehicle offers this week:

  • On The Diamond Cino & Resort Podium: Sister ton

* Challenge of the Prize vehicle: Grotto Cheetah, who will receive the pilots who win a persecution race two days in a row
* On the test track: Ps Monroe, Debauchee Exemplar and Ends Huntley S


This week is expected to reign chaos, since All Ammunition weapons are with a 30% discount . In addition, the export warehouses and Special merchandise of all sizes are reduced by 40% this week. When you have diversified your properties, do not forget to take a look at the collection of discount vehicles.

  • Vapid Ellie: 50% discount
  • Cans crusader: 50% discount
  • Debauchee Exemplar: 50% discount
  • Minus Huntley S: 50% discount
  • Debauchee Specter: 40% discount
  • Nagaki outlaw: 40% discount
  • Dina Veto Clsic: 40% discount
  • VAPID DONATOR GET: 30% discount
  • Western Deathlike (Arena): 30% discount

The advantages for members of GTA+ of this month include:

  • Benefactor Terabyte
  • Improvements in lighting and storage of merchandise of nightclubs
  • Double GTA $ and RP in customer work with Terabyte, triple the production speed of the nightclub warehouse and double supplies in commercial battles
  • Free Halloween Articles
  • Additional bonuses for members

Prime Gaming Advantages

The online GTA players who link their accounts of the Social Club of Rockstar Games and Prime Gaming will receive 125,000 GTA $ just for playing at any time this week. All GTA $ bonuses will be deposited in your Maze Bank account in a maximum of 72 hours when the following weekly event begins.