Final fantasy xiv

Free Fire: The crown is named after Leviathan who becomes South champion champion

A day that can benefit the last places of the table or harm the former, after eight very cardiac dates we arrive at the novena where the southern teams will seek to conquer the upper part of the table to advance to the Playoff phase That they can give them the pass for the maximum league of the region, with two additional maps and a multiplier x5 things will be brutal.

Starting in Bermuda The situation began with a lot of action to get the first points of the contest but the Panda de Maycam Evolve would be the ones who took the first triumph of the afternoon. For the second confrontation in Kalahari the shots ran at the hands of a new account of the bears that gave tremendous bars to be able to conquer a second triumph during this date.

In purgatory the mechanics of taking distance served too well because the fight with rank weapons benefited Wild Esports who managed to take the game to the bag. Reaching Alps All teams began to hunt the rivals to add points for each decline, however, the Stone Movistar team would have the final advantage to take the Booth.


Returning to Bermuda The squads sought to calm things to take as many points as possible, but Pampas would be the executioner of the stage to take the opponents and dominate. Changing to Kalahari The bullets began to fall into the right places but would be fired by Wild eSports that again finds the victory within the day.

Taking purgatory as the next scenario the situation becomes very intense with the area chasing the survivors but the domain of May cam would be the one who was triumphant during the seventh map. Ending in Alps The roar of the squads resonates everywhere, but Leviathan would be the one who managed to surprise his opposites to have the last victory of the afternoon.

With these items the action of South challengers ends making it clear that the teams have a great level to continue demonstrating, May cam Evolve Get triple victory that crown them in the second position of the tournament, but the absolute champion is * Leviathan * That ends in the first place after 9 tremendous action dates where they proved to be the best throughout the tournament.