What happened to Bastion at Overwatch 2? Answered

The latest Overwatch 2 updates have continually changing the mechanics of the game to correct notable errors. However, the most recent alteration eliminated the hero, Bastion, from the current list and another character in competitive mode. So, if you are wondering What happened to Bastion We will explain the reason for this decision and what to expect in the future.

What happened to Bastion and Thorburn in Overwatch 2?

??? Fast PSA ????

BASTION and Torsion will make a quick trip to the workshop while we solve some mistakes in their skills kits!

? pic.twitter.com/ghjll5KV7B

-Supervision (@PlayAverwatch) October 10, 2022

According to an Overwatch official Twitter publication, Bastion is temporarily eliminated from the game to correct mistakes of his skills kit. . In addition, Torsion will not be available in qualifying games, but players can still use it in other ways, such as fast game and training games.

The problems with Bastion’s performance began when several users noticed a failure in the Ultimate attack of it. With this error, players can use this benefit shooting as many times as they want, despite having a limit of three bullets.

You can see a look at this characteristic of this Twitter user here:

Overwatch 2 New Ultimate Bastion

Can Stronghold use the EVE talent system first ???? Keep in mind that you can use more projectiles than this. pic.twitter.com/2fdif2ZNQ1

-Near x 나에리 (@verwatchnaeri) October 11, 2022

As for Torsion, this attack hero has an error that allows players to extend the time limit of his overload ability, which makes him much more difficult to kill. Therefore, the character is now blocked in competitive mode due to him’s unfair advantage over other users.

Unfortunately, Blizzard Entertainment has not provided details about Bastion’s return to Overwatch 2 or Torsion’s reinstatement to qualifying games. So, for now, players must experience the game with the remaining cast until the developers solve the problem.

Now that you know What happened to Stronghold in Overwatch 2? , can be attentive to more updates about the problem in. While here, you can see additional content about the game by consulting the relevant links below and seeing our guide on how to get Overwatch Coins.

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