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The dead man, the new Sony and Marvel with Bad Bunny, confirms a famous Mexican director

The dead , one of the next films of the call Sony’s Spider-Man Universe with Marvel starring the famous singer, producer and actor Bad Bunny, already h a director. This is collected by the Variety, confirming that the Mexican filmmaker Jon Charon -Director and screenwriter of Desert and son of the Oscar-win you of Spider verse of Sony Pictures .

The dead of Sony and Marvel confirms Jon Charon


Thus, the filmmaker and writer Jon Charon , 41, will be responsible for directing the new Sony and Marvel Spider verse film with Bad Bunny the main star. The Mexican director h already directed several films and short, being desert of 2015 one of his most celebrated; In addition, Charon co-written the successful Gravity next to his father in 2013. All this under the script of Gareth Punnet Alcove , which is already in writing.

Recall that The dead is a very secondary character of Spider-Man comics that appeared for the first time in 2006 in the friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #6 at the hands of Peter David and Roger Cruz. His real name is Juan Carlos Estrada Sánchez and he is a celebrity in the world of the wrestling in Marvel’s fiction. Thanks to his great strength, he almost manages to uncover Spider-Man’s identity in combat, although he would soon unite his forces to defeat a common enemy: Gold .

The main powers of El Dead are superhuman force , regeneration and great resistance; We will see how the character in the skin of Bad Bunny focuses, whose physical constitution differs quite a lot from that of the comic character. The dead joins the rest of the next premieres of the Sony and Marvel Spider verse such Madame Web, Raven the hunter or Venom 3 . Its premiere is set for January 12, 2024 .