SUPER BUCKYBALL TOURNAMENT SUPER BUCKYBALL TOURNAMENT is delivered on November 15. Rocket League style soccer battle

Developer Pathed Games announced on September 30 that it will distribute the team competition sports game SUPER BUCKYBALL TOURNAMENT on November 15. The compatible platform is PC (Steam).

SUPER BUCKYBALL TOURNAMENT is a sports game that plays a team against the arena with a Cyberpunk world view. In the main game mode, sports like soccer games that compete on 3 to 3 are available. In a 6-minute match, operate the character, connect the path, and decide on a shot to the opponent’s goal. The ball is quite huge, so to speak, the atmosphere is like the Rocket League. In fact, in the past, the developer proclaimed that it was influenced by the Rocket League. It also has the influence of ARMS and Super Mario Kart.

At the time of launch, you can choose from a total of 19 characters and play. It is classified as a forwarded forward, a defender for keepers, and a balanced type. The feature of this work is that each character has its own abilities. It will be a game while taking a flashy action, such as emitting a powerful shot that draws a special trajectory, developing something like a shield and blocking the opponent’s shot. In addition, skill items with various effects are dropped randomly in the field.

Regarding team play, the assist function that can easily replace the pass is appealing. When you pass, it seems that the falling point of the ball and the trajectory up to that point will be a system that will be visualized to your teammates in advance. In order to score a goal, not only powerful abilities, but also cooperation with allies will be important.

In addition to this 3 to 3 soccer games, this work includes more casual arcade mode, which allows you to enjoy sports with basketball and dodgeball as motifs, and single play mode that manages the team as a director and leads to champions. It is planned. Character customization elements are also available.

By the way, the world view of this work is a set that gene operation and body remodeling are common in the near future. It is said that humans become more powerful and unique, and Super Buckyball Tournament is being held as a sport for such enhanced humans. Teams around the world will participate, and people with various social backgrounds compete on the field.


Pathed Games of this work is known for working on works such as My Time at Portia and My Time at Sand rock. The studio has set up another team to challenge a genre that is different from those works. It has been developing for more than five years, and during this time, multiple play tests have been conducted. And this time, it will finally be released.

SUPER BUCKYBALL TOURNAMENT will be distributed on November 15 for PC (Steam). From October 3rd to 10th, he participated in Steam’s trial version of the Steam Next Festival. It is said that the beta version of this work can be played for free.