SLIME RANCHER 2 Places Silent Proud

While you are looking for resources in Slime Rancher 2, you will definitely stumble upon Gordon Slime. Proudly-huge slugs that cannot move. In this leadership, we will give you every place where you can find proudly, as well as its position on the map.

If you played the first part of the Slime Rancher, you can be familiar with Gordon Slides, however, if you did not do this, basically, as soon as you feed them enough, they will burst, and after the shovel they will open a hidden passage or treasure. Feeding proudly takes a lot of time, usually they need more than thirty portions of any kind of food before they explode.

In addition to the conservatory, in Slime Rancher 2 there are three main areas: the star coast, rainbow fields and, finally, the Amber Valley. In each of these places there is a set proud that you need to open.

Here is the whereabouts of everyone is proud of the slime in Slime Rancher 2:

Mucus places proudly in rainbow fields

Pink proud

Location: As shown on the map, pink is proudly located on the western side of the map around the hill that you must go around.

Cotton proud

Location: This cute little yellow Cotton is proudly located southeast of the portable port; You will find him by climbing the hill in the place indicated on the map.

phosphorus proud

Location: As soon as you leave the greenhouse through the southern exit, go to the beach on a moored boat. Look for a cave, and you will find that phosphorus proudly blocks the entrance.

Slides proudly on the star bank

Hunter proud

Location: Expect Starlight Strand until you find yourself in a huge area with a locked door addressed to you. Follow the hill path to the left, and then go down this hill. Keep the ways, and you will eventually find a hunter proudly.

Hand proud

Location: go south from the portal through which you entered until you face the face with a large waterfall. Hand is proudly visible on a ledge near the waterfall.

Angler is proud

Location: Angler Gordon is located in the southeast of the map next to the beach. Follow this beach to the cave where this one is proud.

Flutter proud

Location: In the south, Flutter is proudly located near the cracked door.

Ringtail proudly

Location: Go east of the place where you found Flutter proudly. You will find a bridge that blocks Ringtail Gordon, but it can only be fed at night.

Places of mucus proudly Ebert Valley

boom proud

Location: Can’t deep into the volcano to find boom-gordo.

Betty proud

Location: Since Batty is proudly based on a bat, it can be found in the lowest cave system in the West.

Crystal proudly

Location: Crystal is proudly located in the north. Look for a deep ravine at the bottom of which you will see this proudly.

Tabby is proud

Location: Tabby is proudly at the northernmost point, further north than crystal proudly. You will see him on a pole in the sea.