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Modern Warfare 2 – Best Assembly and Equipment M4

The M4 assault rifle is one of the first types of weapons that becomes previously unlocked when playing open beta testing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. You can increase the level of weapons in various multi-user modes and configure selective equipment to create reliable assembly. In addition, increasing the level of M4 opens access to another weapon on its platform or family, including FSS Hurricane, 556 ICARUS and FTA Recon.

Best assembly M4 Modern Warfare 2

Muzzle *: Forget Castle Comp
barrel : Tempos Hightower barrel 20 inches
reserve : no in stock
magazine *: Store for 45 rounds
Rear handle *: Phantom grip

From a limited number of nozzles available during beta testing, we have created the perfect M4 equipment, which can be used regardless of the map, regime and range of battle. Firstly, the muzzle used here, and the trunk increase the accuracy of shooting by reducing visual shaking and recoil when firing.

The Tempos Hightower barrel also increases the range and the speed of the bullet, which makes the M4 viable at all distances. Since these two devices reduce the mobility of the weapon, we use No Stock and Phantom mounts for the posterior handle to add speed, aiming (ADS) and the rate of fire of the weapon.

For the final mod, equip an expanded store so that your bullets do not end too often. While mechanical aiming devices are magnificent on the M4, do not hesitate to change the butt to the nozzle. Cronin mini red dot optics for better visibility. In addition, you can use a higher zoom SZ reflex optics for large-scale modes, such as Invasion.

The best equipment and class M4 Modern Warfare 2

initial *: assault rifle m4
middle : pistol x12
tactical : Light-shiman grenade
deadly *: fragmentation grenade
package of perks
The main advantages : Double time and hardening in battles
Bonus *: Fast hands
Absolute perk : Ghost
Field update : Dead silence

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