Oscar could be transmitted by streaming

It is not a secret that, for several years, the prizes Oscar have decreased in popularity. With each new edition, the number of viewers decreases. Although several attempts have been made to remedy this, so that the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences could finally transmit its annual ceremony on a streaming platform. **

According to a report by Variety, Bill Kramer, CEO of the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences, and Janet Yang, president of this organization, would be considering transmitting the next edition of the Oscar through a streaming platform . The reason for this change of mind is due to the fact that the recent broadcast of the Emmy could also be enjoyed through Peacock, the Universal Platform.

Although there is no clear data on the number of people who saw the Emmy through Peacock, the report has indicated that the reception of this has been favorable. Similarly, it has been mentioned that The results of this deliberation would be announced until March 2023.

However, this has also begun to worry some people. Although at the moment there is no official one, it has been pointed out that the intention of transmitting the Oscar through Netflix or Prime Video, could change the way in which these platforms are considered for some nomination.

Prior to the pandemic, all the films that could be nominated for the Oscar needed to exhibit in a cinema, and that includes original streaming productions, as Roma was at the time. Although with the closure of theaters in 2020 and 2021 this changed, a series of issues related to the treatment that these platforms could have in the future have emerged.

Therefore, we will have to wait until March 2023 to have more information . On related issues, Orlando Bloom joins the Gran Tourism film. Similarly, there will be a film by Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s trial.

Editor’s note:

Although the possibility that Netflix, Apple and Amazon productions still have to reach cinemas is not ruled out, it is also possible that this is no longer the case in the future. We just have to wait and see how this case develops.