How to unlock the glamorous set of island of farms in Final Fantasy XIV

The glamorous ISLE FARMHAND set, added in the 6.2 update for the Final Fantasy XIV, is a daily set of farm equipment, which allows you to wear your warrior of light in clothes suitable for the farm. So how to unlock and get the glamour of island farm laborer in the Final Fantasy XIV?

How to get an island farm in FFI?

ISLE FARMHAND equipment can be obtained as part of the contents of the Island SANCTUARY. It can be obtained as a reward for the completion of all buildings and improvements in the framework of the island sanctuary.

To do this, you need to reach the 10th rank of the sanctuary and improve each building to the third level. As soon as you finish this, you will need to take a side quest land, wind and sea . In this side quest you talk with curious courier . After you complete the side task to the end, you will receive an ISLE FARMHAND equipment.

What is the glamorous set of ISLE FARMHAND?

Glamour Strove Jataka contains the following items:

Working shirt of island farm laborer *
Cotton gloves of island farm laborer
wide pants Island Farmhand
Cutting island farm laborers *
Boots of island farm laborer. *

Each of these items is available for all classes and does not depend on gender or race. Players especially like cutting of island farm laborers, which are now one of the most popular glamorous objects in the game.

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