Dev Sisters released a new construction simulation Brick City video

Developed Studio Kingdom (co-representative CHO Tae-hyun, Lee Fungi) of Dev Sisters Co., Ltd. The play video was released through.

Swipe is the first mobile game-oriented showcase in GameS pot, one of the world’s largest game webs. In recent years, most overseas game showcases are focused on PCs and console titles, and swipe is different in that it focuses only on iOS and Android-based mobile games.

Cookie Run: Kingdom’s developer studio Kingdom is ambitiously developed by the new IP at the Swipe (Korea Time, Pacific Standard 8) The video shows a unique worldview and freedom play environment. The video began with the story of the survivors of mankind, who had been destroyed 500 years ago and migrated to Mars, and introduced the role of Brick Master, who builds new homes and cities.

Brick Master can clean up the earth and build a variety of buildings and structures to revive the devastated earth. In the setting of the game that when using bricks creatively occurs, users can be a brick master who can design various buildings and cities, allowing them to freely show their creativity. Brick Master can also enjoy the experience of creating a structure you want to make or decorating and growing the city based on the drawings designed by other Brick masters.

The survivors of humanity can also be seen in various occupations such as doctors, plumbing and wizards in the city. In addition to the interactions between the IPO, such as talking with close people, the free activity of boarding on a car or running on a huge building also enhanced the immersion of the game. In the video, a huge landmark reminiscent of the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower attracted viewers’ attention.

Prior to the Brick City video, Cookie Run: Kingdom’s new update was also introduced. In addition to the new cookie Captain Caviar Taste Cookie, a story about a new worldview leading to an unknown world in the Black Sea. In addition, the introduction of Disney collaboration, which will be held until the 14th, and another large collaboration that will begin in October, attracted expectations.


Meanwhile, global developers and publishers such as Dev Sisters, including Dev Sisters, ▲ Activision, Apple Arcade, EA, Netflix, and Ubisoft, participated. Through the event, each company’s exclusive trailer, gameplay video, live service game update details, and developer interviews were released, attracting attention from gamers around the world.

More information about Brick City can be found on the official website, and the streamed swipe in real time can be viewed again on the official YouTube.