A summary of the topic of a week of game culture! Caution related to Guilty Gear Strive and Bridget

Introducing Game Culture News that had a response in a week! Game*Spark’s Game Culture related articles will be delivered in a ranking format. The ranking is based on the number of articles accessed in the survey period from August 26, 2022 to September 1, 2022.

1st place Ark System Works alerts Forgery images-Regarding support answers regarding the setting of Guilty Gear Strive and Bridget: 297 Pt.

Please be careful about spoofing.


2nd Netflix live-action drama Resident Evil Due to sluggishness in Season 1-Overseas report: 218 Pt.

After the work, some of the changes in character races were also discussed.


3rd place 32 million blocks! A feat that reaches Micra Farland over a year and a half: 117 Pt.

It seems that this challenge has been achieved on July 11 through another distributor.


4th place HORIZON Netflix drama series is produced by Steve Blackman of Umbrella Academy: 69 Pt.

The story of the leading role of Aaroy is based on HORIZON ZERO DAWN.


5th place SECRETLAB’s gaming chair Titan Evo 2022 x Pokemon model is restocked! Available on Amazon in limited quantities: 62 pt.

It is a gaming chair with a luxurious finish that is not for children.


6th place Kagawa Prefecture’s game ordinance is determined by Constitution… Takamatsu District Court rejected the plaintiff’s request: 61 Pt.

Male (19) and his mother, who were high school students at the time, were demanding a total of 1.6 million yen for damages for the right to pursue happiness and self-determination in Article 13 of the Constitution and suffered mental distress. 。


7th place Cyber Punk Edge Lanners September 13 Netflix exclusive distribution decision! Extreme final trailer release: 49 pt.

  • Please refrain from watching in public places.


8th place new large JRPG Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood Kickstarter campaign starts! : 44 pt.

The creators of the Wild Arms series and the Shadow Hearts series have teamed up!


9th place Gamescom 2022 new information ranking! The most popular title is…! ? : 43 pt.

Introducing the top30 of Gamescom 2022 article! Will you still catch up with the topic from now on?



10th place Amazon acquired EA! ? Overseas market that was suddenly rumored… Denied but temporarily affected EA stock price: 40 pt.

It was reported that USA Today would soon be announced based on Swedish media.


In the second place, Netflix’s live-action drama Resident Evil is sluggish in Season 1-Overseas Report is ranked. The Netflix drama Resident Evil released the other day has been discontinued in Season 1. In this work, the change of Albert Wesker was a hot topic.

The first place was Ark System Works alerts fabrication images -related to support answers regarding the setting of Guilty Gear Strive and Bridget. The appearance of Bridget, which has attracted attention in various ways. Finally, we started to go to fake news that imitated the formula. Please be careful.