League of Legends

Free Fire: The perfect combination Stamina/The Kings takes triple booyah in northern challengers

The players of the Northern Reversary League are ready to show their power and ability within the various maps, seeking to conquer the tip of the table the strategies are increasingly solid despite the fact that we are watching the first days of the tournament, teams from the top of the continent continue to talk about consolidating themselves with the place for the next phase where only the best will be.

In the first map we see bermuda where the squads seek comfort to easily deploy and be able the night. The second contest would be in Kalahari where the teams from the lower part of the table resurfaced to face others but Stamina The Kings would be their perdition to take a double victory.

For purgatory that is the third island we have a change of team strategy with a timbers that takes the axes to hit with great force demonstrating its power to achieve triumph. During the fourth game Alpes is more even than the previous ones but from the ashes the She gaming team arises to overthrow the rivals getting the confrontation to add more points.

During the fifth game we have Bermuda that I looked like having great contest and so it was but the team of the Kings sneaked into the match to mark a third Booyah of the night that places them in the part Table high. Closing the day we have Kalahari that puts old acquaintances face to face to determine the final destination of the situation with a team of All Knights that makes the infinity fall and takes the last victory.

Thus ends the north 3 day leaving a team of Stamina/ The Kings in the first position because it gets 3 very solid victories, now the squads are prepared for the next date to determine if they take away the crown of the crown of The upper part of the kings or the situation will remain in the same way, we have seen great surprises but there are still many things to denote.