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All the skins of the Academy of Ambrell in the set of cha

After the huge Terminator crossover, Call of Duty developers now bring thematic cosmetic objects of The Umbrella Academy to Warzone and Vanguard. Premium sets available for purchase during the 5th season The Last Battle are intended for two main characters in the series about superheroes: cha-cha and Heisel. Here is an overview of both cosmetic sets and ways to unlock them.

How to get The Umbrella Academy skins in Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard

Players can buy The Umbrella Academy sets in the in-game store in Warzone and Vanguard for 2400 points COD each. Each of these two cosmetic sets worth $ 20 contains one operator skin, two drawings of weapons and various other awards. In addition, having bought both sets until September 30, you will receive the right to receive bonus awards, including the KG M40 time drawing, an amulet for weapons and a business card.

Tracer Pack: Academy of Ambrell-Cha-cha

  • The legendary skin of the operative Cha-cha for Wade
  • Drawing of the legendary assault rifle Bonesaw for Vargo-S
  • Drawing of the legendary Pistol-Milkolet Churchin for Welgun
  • Legendary final reception Cut the CRAP
  • Legendary MVP event Hold on the spot
  • Legendary business card Sugary Support
  • Legendary emblem Box for Idiots
  • Legendary Total Hackjob spray
  • Legendary sticker Cookies of mini-cadets
  • Amulet for the legendary weapon Kostya Ruster

Tracer Pack: The Umbrella Academy-Hazel

It will be available soon in the game.

  • Skin of the legendary Hazel operative for Lewis
  • Drawing of the legendary submachine gun Electric Lollipop for Marco 5
  • Drawing of the legendary assault rifle Sugar Loader for Cooper carbine
  • Legendary final reception
  • Legendary MVP Highlight
  • Legendary business card Big Shocker


  • Legendary emblem
  • The legendary spray Disorder
  • Legendary sticker Sending signal
  • Amulet for the legendary weapon Sweet atomic power

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