Gensin Impact: Any age, heights, birthdays and also bios of personalities

Nevertheless, if you want to find out even more concerning you, this is your perfect possibility! We have actually put together a list All offered indications in the video game, along with your age, dimension as well as bios from the video game, so that you recognize precisely that you desire to move whenever you leap right into play. Right here is everything you require to know concerning every personality in Gensin!

While you are making your method through the huge and comprehensive globes that are provided to you Genshin results , you will definitely stumble upon countless partners that you want to have in your team. Luckily through the fantastic , System, which is offered in the game, have the opportunity to have an amazing group with characters from throughout the globe.

age, dimension, birthday celebrations as well as bios of all characters in Gensin Effect

Mondstadt personalities

Barbara | 16-18/ July 5 | 5′ 2 | The deacon of the Church of Favonius and a beaming idolizer that is worshiped by every person. Bennett | 16-17/ February 29 | 5′ 4 | As one of the couple of young adventurers from the Mondstadt adventure, he is constantly tormented by mystifying bad luck. Diona | January 12/18 | 4′ 5 | The unbelievably preferred bartender of the Tavern Feline’s Tail, the hopeful celebrity of the wine industry in Mondstadt and also the largest challenger of his traditional power packs. Eula | 20-22/ October 25 | 5′ 8 | A rebellious descendant of the old upper class who is always on the battlefield. Chongyun | 18-20/ September 7 | 5′ 4 | An exorcist that wanders the nation with Liyue as an operating base, get away wicked spirits, anywhere he goes.

We made the difficulty to divide everyone right into their respective area so that they do not need to look for the ideal personality they want to learn more about! Start with Mondstadt and also if you experience all offered areas in the video game, this is all you need to recognize regarding these charming expertise Banner!

Character name Old/birthday Elevation Organic.
Beidou 21.- February 27th/ 14th 5′ 6 Captain of Essence, with a fair track record in Liyue. Some claim that they can split mountains and also share seas. Others claim she draws flashes with her sword. Some claim that even one of the most effective aquatic pets are unqualified her. For those who do not come from Liyue, it may seem like a hearty joke, however those who have actually cruised with them will say: No matter what sea pets there may be, they will absolutely all divided right into two components.
Chongyun 18-20/ September 7 5′ 4 An exorcist who strolls the country with Liyue as an operating base, leave fiends, any place he goes. As an inheritance of a clan of exorcists, he always had abilities that most of them were superior. However, these abilities are not the result of training, yet of a natural property-a pure Yang spirit.
Establishing Over 3000 years old/ December 2 5′ 3 The assistant of the Liyue Qixing. The blood of both individuals…

In the starting area of Genshin results , throughout your very first hours in the video game you will certainly spend a lot of time in this massive and beautiful region. With its big city landscapes, wandering levels as well as rugged mountains, you have ample in this opening area to deal.

Personality name Old/birthday Height Organic
Albedo 18. ‘Genie’, ‘Kreideprinz’ or ‘Captain of the investigation team’… He does not care regarding such titles and honors when it comes to so a lot a lot more research study.
Amber 18./ August 10 5′ 4 A saucy, straight lady that is likewise the only outrider of the Knights of Favonius. Her outstanding mastery of moving has actually made her three-way champion of the glider champ in Mondstadt. As a rising star within the Knights of Favonius, Brownish-yellow is constantly prepared for challenging jobs.
Barbara 16-18/ July 5 5′ 2 The deacon of the Church of Favonius and a radiating idolizer that is worshiped by every1. The concept of an idolizer in a city of the bard is fairly brand-new, the people of Mondstadt Barbara still like. I owe whatever to the city’s spirit of liberty.- Barbara, in regards to her popularity.
Bennett 16-17/ February 29 5′ 4 As one of minority young adventurers from the Mondstadt adventure, he is constantly afflicted by strange misfortune. He is the only energetic participant of his very own adventure group, that is referred to as the Benny’s journey team besides other members have determined to state goodbye after a collection of unfavorable incidents. Because of this, the team is currently on the action. Given that Katheryne was not able to damage the heart of the bad boy from the experience guild, she kept Benny’s experience team in guides, while at the very same time hiding the truth that all other members have actually long because left the group formally.

Diluc | 22./ April 30 | 6′ 1 | As the most affluent gent in Mondstadt, the constantly cool diluc constantly presents itself as the embodiment of excellence. Yet behind the respectful face, an eager soul burns that testified shield moon community in all expenses and enables him to mercilessly beat everybody that endangers his city.
Diona | January 12/18 | 4′ 5 | The exceptionally preferred bartender of the Pub Pet cat’s Tail, the aspiring star of the a glass of wine market in Mondstadt and also the greatest challenger of his conventional power packs. As a resolute young cat lady made of springvale, every drink mixed by Diona’s hand tastes incredibly scrumptious. Is your ability in view of her severe aversion to alcohol curse or blessing?
Eula | 20-22/ October 25 | 5′ 8 | A defiant offspring of the old upper class that is constantly on the combat z1. As someone who was birthed into the old upper class as well as carries the family of the sinners, Eula required a distinct technique to the world in order to browse peacefully with the high-towering wall surfaces of the prejudices. Of training course, this did not prevent her from terminating the link to her clan. As an outstanding coincidence Knight, she goes after Mondstadt’s enemies in the wild to practice her one-of-a-kind vengeance.
Fishl | 16./ May 27th | 5′ 0 | A strange woman who calls herself princess of conviction as well as takes a trip with an evening running called OZ. Presently functions as an investigator in the adventure engineering. Because of her unique abilities, her eccentric character and (although she would never ever confess) tough work has actually come to be an arising star among the investigators of the journey guild and also has made the acknowledgment of everyone.
Jean | 20-22/ March 14 | 5′ 6 | As the reigning grandmaster of the knights, Jean has actually constantly been committed to her responsibilities and also preserving tranquility in Mondstadt. Long prior to the strike by Storm fear, she had actually taken safety measures and will secure moon town with her life as always.
/ 30.11 | 6′ 1 | In the knights of Favonius, Kaeya is the most reliable assistant of the incumbent grand master Jean. Everyone in Mondstadt loves Kaeya, but no one understands what secrets this funny, charming knight has…

Klee | 10./ July 27 | 4′ 2 | Knight of Favonius Funkenritter!
Lisa | 32/9 June | 5′ 5 | She is an intellectual witch that can never obtain sufficient snooze. As a librarian of the knights of Favonius, Lisa is wise because she constantly recognizes specifically what she is finishing with her issues.

, if you cost-free on your own from the chains you bind Mondstadt you can make your means to the stunning seaside heaven that is understood liyue .. Home for those that worship Geo Archon , you will discover so a lot a lot more in this field compared to the opening degrees to deal with. With much more levels, vertical expedition choices and even more, you will certainly never ever intend to leave.