Webzen, the first anniversary event of Mu Arc Angel 2

, the first anniversary since the start of domestic service in September last year

-Today (30 days), a number of customer audit events that provide various game items

-Reition new content updates such as 9th reincarnation and map addition

Webzen will showcase events that support various gifts and character high-speed growth to commemorate the first anniversary of domestic service of its mobile MMORPG .

Webzen will start four events in Mu Arc Angel 2 today (30th) and launch a new content update.

First, Webzen offers the 1st Anniversary Thanksgiving Coupon to all members of Mu Arc Angel 2. If you enter the coupon number in the game using an Android device, you can receive seven items such as ‘5,000 diamonds’, ‘one Maya core’ and ‘1st anniversary’. The coupon can be used for three months until November 30 so that as many members can benefit as possible.

Webzen also holds a access reward event to commemorate the first anniversary. Members will be connected to Mu Arc Angel 2 for five days until September 3 (Sat), ‘2,000 diamonds’, ‘100 jewelry of blessing’, ‘5 optional fruit selection’, You can get 11 items, including 1 wing of ‘wings’.

Webzen also shows two events that add fun to the high-speed growth of new server characters for about a month.

The newly opened ‘Locke 3’ server will hold a ‘combat power ranking event’. As of September 29th, 6 high-end items such as ‘Epic Set Assistive Weapons Selection Pack’ and ‘Legend Lucky Jewelry’ are presented to 20 members with the highest combat power, and 80 people in the server are randomly randomly. It will be drawn to six items such as ‘Condor’s Feather’ and ‘Select Advanced Options’.

Subsequently, the Locke 3 server will also hold the Guild Support Event. During the same period, all members who joined the guild of the server and participated in ‘Ice Castle’ once in ‘Ice Castle’, five types: ‘1 Mind of Spirit’, ‘5 Foods of Go Ryong’, and ‘5 Muren Holy Selection Box’ Item is supported by rewards.

Meanwhile, Webzen will launch a new content update in addition to the 1st anniversary event of Mu Arc Angel 2.

The highest level of Mu Arc Angel 2 will be extended to 9 hits 5900LV. As a result, four kinds of ‘reincarnation quests’, ‘World Boss’, and 4 ‘ancient bosses’ for the 9th reincarnation are added, and after the 9th reincarnation, 13 tier equipment slots can be used. In addition, a total of six gates will be added to the 100LV units of the Lauran Castle Map.

Mu Arc Angel 2 is a formal sequel to Webzen’s mobile MMORPG. It is a characteristic of the group development system that operates and operates characters such as black knights, black magicians, and fairies representing the ‘Mu’ series at the same time.

Four days after its domestic launch in September last year, it ranked No. 1 in the two app market popularity, and it has entered the top 10 of both app market sales in five days, and is still receiving a steady response from members. In April, Taiwan started its official service and achieved the top ranking of the two app markets in three days.


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