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How to start a fantasy draft in Madden 23

The famous United States football franchise has returned big; However, although the errors prevail and the list has its initial annual brightness, the players still want to feel that they have control. One way to capture that feeling is begins your own fantasy draft in Madden 23 . Fortunately for each of you who is desperate to have control, we have a guide for that.

Madden Fantasy Draft Guide 23

Image Source: EA Sports through fantasy draft

It happens that starting a fantasy draft is still surprisingly simple. Everything to do after selecting Franquicia The mode is to decide what list you would like to choose: Real-Life or Active. However, to allow a fantasy draft, these options are reduced from two to 1. The player must select Use Active list to write from scratch.

From there, you simply choose your team, selectstarting set_ in the header more options and pre-season change it to fantasy draft. What I do next, of course, depends on you. You may feel like a rookie team. Maybe you like the idea of a field marshal who can run for days but can’t throw the ball so well.

Whatever the path you decide to take, starting a fantasy draft in Madden 23 has never been so easy! On the other hand, he was never so challenging to start. However, if you are like me and you want your franchise experience to be as challenging as possible, and no, we are not just talking about mistakes, why don’t you have fun with this? Ah, and to get more practical guides, such as how to jump obstacles and jump, be sure to be attentive to this space and consult many more below.

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