[Interview] Mir 4 Global 1st Anniversary, the secret of success is fun and economic benefits

The first generation game ‘Mir 4’, which was the fourth work of Mir’s legendary series and entered the global market, celebrated its first anniversary of the global launch. Due to the structural nature of Mir 4, the proportion of the global market that can be equipped with NFT services is as large as Korea. To date, many users are visiting Mir 4’s NFT service, and Mir 4 has also provided various NFT services to revive these users’ expectations.

However, when Mir 4 Global first appeared, and the current P2E market has changed a lot. Another innovation should be considered rather than settling in the first-generation title, such as the emergence of unstable coin markets and innovative NFT services, and Steam’s NFT. What do Mir 4 Global think about market changes? As a result, we met with Wemade Next Sung Jung-guk PD and Wemade Kim Jung-hoon business manager to ask everything in global services.

■ Changes to the battlefields that are all together, not alone

** Q. After all, I achieved the first anniversary of Mir 4 Global Launch.

= Seongjeongguk PD (hereinafter referred to as Seongjeongguk) : I think I have a happy dream. In the world we made, users around the world are crying, laughing, and fun, so we feel infinite gratitude and responsibility.

It was hard to develop and update for a year, but through the users who loved Mir 4 and played fun, the developers seemed to have a happy and enjoyable time. We will do our best to reward you with more fun games so that no one is in love and interest.

Q. What is the most memorable development and operation anecdotes during the global service?

= Seongjeongguk : Remember it as an early Munpa community. I was a Philippine user who was passionately played with the Moonpawon, and suddenly my mother fell down to fold the game for hospital expenses and care.

The server King and Munpawon, who heard the news, gathered black iron and supported them to support the hospital expenses. It is exceptionally memorable because the relationship online does not end with the ties of in-game, but to take care of the situation of reality.

= Kim Jung-hoon, Director of Business Division (hereinafter referred to as Kim Jung-hoon) : The global service seems to have not been easy. The first is language, and Mir 4 Global supports a total of 12 languages, including Hangul. The translation work was also difficult, but the same meaning and sentence were different for each language, so it was a challenge to capture it in one UI.

Nevertheless, in order to minimize the inconvenience of users during the gameplay, the language can be changed without client restarting, and the translation function for the in-game chat was provided so that the user of different languages can communicate smoothly.

Next, the difficult part was different in each region, and there are systems and contents that operate in common time, and the systems and contents that operate according to each region’s time zone are not easy to develop and operate accordingly. It was work.

In order to avoid confusion about time, the time within the server was displayed separately in the game, and the time marking the content or item was marked as the remaining time, and all of the users in different times easily and in-game contents and systems easily and in-game. It was possible to check the time of.

▲ We also disclosed a documentary of users with the testimony of global users.

Q. I am curious about Mir 4 Global’s future service plan and core operation direction.

= Seongjeongguk : In commemoration of the first anniversary of Mir 4 Global, we are preparing various contents updates in line with the game concept of ‘from your own battle to our war’.

In the Mir World, which has been somewhat powerful as the service progresses for a year, the conqueror server, the tower of the Black Dragon, and the new equipment that can be further developed and developed with the user of other servers beyond their servers () Yongsin Ki), which will be updated for the first anniversary of the anniversary of the anniversary, is expected to be able to meet with users of other worlds and servers beyond their servers and to grow fun battle and war & growth.

■ Mir IP Carnival Concern Concerns, Synergy with Intergame Inno Komi

** Q. Now, the first anniversary, Mir 4 Global’s percentage of overseas P2E and NFT markets is what the rate is.

= Kim Jung-hoon : It is difficult to talk about how much Mir 4 global is in overseas P2E and NFT markets.

However, in terms of influence, I think that the influence is quite large because it records the largest number of blockchain games and is the most diverse attempt in terms of service.

Q. Among the P2E games currently on board on Wemade, the remaining games except Mir 4 Global are low, but what do you think is the key to Mir 4 Global’s success.

= Kim Jung-hoon : Mir 4 Global’s popular factors can be said to be very simple, the game is fun.

In the end, it is explained by P & E, that is, Play and Earn, which is based on proven gameability through Korean services, and all blockchain-based ‘Earn’ that encompasses the torque of torque and character NFT started with Draco (Draco) I think it is the result of the needs and expectations of global market users.

Q. Recently, some games have implemented NFT functions (character NFT sales) without NFT. The strength of Mir 4 as a P2E game seems to fades, but I wonder what you think about it.

= Seongjeongguk : I don’t have much in mind. No matter how you configure it, I think it’s right to configure it in line with the characteristics and forms of the game. As Mir 4 has been done so far, I think it is important to have continuous fun and pleasure afterwards.

Q. What can change to Mir 4 global when the WeMix 3.0 is formally applied?

= Kim Jung-hoon : Rather than a direct impact on the Open Mix 3.0 Mainnet itself, it is expected that the expansion of the WeMix platform according to the introduction of the mainnet and the value of the Mir 4 tokens will continue.

Mir 4 global content, such as character NFT, items, tokens, can be widely used. Gradually, many games are on board on the Weix play, and if the new inter-game economy is built, it is expected to expand its utilization.

Q. Many Mir IP games, including Mir M Global Service, will be a global service. What do you think about this.

= Kim Jung-hoon : The torque plans using Mir IP will be explained as ‘Intergate Economy’. Mir 4’s torque nomics will be connected to new games and new torque nomics, such as Mir M Global, through blockchain technology, which will form ‘Intergame Innomi’.

In the construction and expansion of such an intergate economy, the emergence of the new Mir IP will work as an opportunity to revitalize the Mir 4 ecosystem, which is expected to be synergy rather than a carnivalization between games.

Q. Finally, please say a word about the goals and resolutions of Wemade through Mir IP Global Service.

= Kim Jung-hoon : I want to be a game that is all together for a long time, for two or three years. In addition, it will continue to expand and develop as a game that will create synergy with various Mir IP games to be released in the future and will be a bridgehead for connection.