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THE LAST OF US PART I Accessibility Trailer! Detailed customization information such as 3D drunk measures and listening enhancement mode

NauGhty Dog has published an accessibility trailer for the survival adventure remake The Last of US Part I and publishes commentary on

The accessibility of this work is based on the functions established in The Last of US Part II, and the game director Matthew Gallant said, We have this feature and ears. For those who are free and those who are physically disabled, we hope that they will help you play this work.


The biggest new feature is a cinematics audio guide, according to the Descriptive Video Works, which specializes in television and films, and applies this feature to the cut scene and all localized languages.

Another function is a function that regenerates dialogs and provides a tactile feedback with the PS5 DualSense controller, and how the ears are emphasized and how they are emphasized. It is said that you can feel it with subtitles.

PlayStation.blogs contains videos and full optional functions when using accessibility. Options include 3D drunken measures, listening enhancement mode, stealth gameplay with transparent toll, and slow motion when aiming.

The Last of US Part I for PS5 will be released on September 2, 2022. Currently under development for PCs.