The PC version of the ring of Pain, a consecutive roglike of the decision, is being distributed for free for a limited time. At the Epic Games store

On August 26, the free distribution of the PC version Ring of Pain has started at the Epic Games store. If you create or log in your account within the period, you can hold it after the period. The distribution period is until 0:00 on September 2nd. This work also supports Japanese display. The list price is 2080 yen.


Ring of Pain is a turn-based rogue-like game. The genre advocates Roglike Card Crowler. In this work, the player infiltrates a dungeon consisting of multiple floors. While dangerous monsters wander, they will find a way to find outs using items and events. The feature of this work is that the elements of such a dungeon are described as cards. However, players do not build a deck and use cards to capture. The card is waiting for the player.

In this work, the enemies waiting in the dungeon, the upgrade event, and the consumption and equipment items are described as cards. Such a card is located on the screen. The player selects or passes one of the two cards facing his left and right, and progresses the game. For example, if the recovery potion and enemies are lined up, drink or preserve potions, or go back to the monster in the same way, if two enemies are lined up, Which one should be defeated first. Or which side will you be forced to make a decision?

If the player repeats the decision, the exit card will eventually come around. Click on the exit card to move to the next floor and challenge further decisions. In addition, since the card is lined up in a ring, it is important to proceed to clockwise/counterclockwise. Some of the cards that come back later can be confirmed, so it is possible to make a strategy carefully. In addition, some floors may have to make a choice of two.

The development of Ring of Pain is an indie studio TWICE DIFFERENT by individual developer Simon Boxer. Humble Games is in charge of sales. This work is highly evaluated, and in Steam, he won 2346 user reviews at the time of writing. Of these, 92 % are popular very popular status. It seems that the simplicity of just keeping the choice and the deep game play are also evaluated.

Ring of Pain is being distributed for free at the Epic Games store until 0:00 on September 2nd. The next week’s free distribution is scheduled for the adventure Submerged: Hidden Depths, which is a submerged world, and the Tomb Raider reboot series Completion Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition.