NCsoft held TL DAY at Changwon NC Park on August 27



-TL’s new BI, NC Dinos Collabur Uniform, Siege Golem implemented with AR technology

-In the Instagram commentator, you are selected as a lottery. Various events for visitors

NCsoft (NC) will hold a ‘TL DAY’ event at the NC Dinos home stadium Changwon NC Park on the 27th.

‘TL DAY’ is an event that introduces the new PC and console ‘TL’ developed by NC. NC Dinos players play in a special uniform that collaborated with TL and baseball teams. TL’s new BI is also released for the first time.

NC will show various contents for ‘TL DAY’. The huge siege golem is embodied in AR technology in Changwon NC Park large media walls. You can also see a special video that seems to be swimming with Changwon NC Park signboards in the game.

Visitors who visited Changwon NC Park on the 27th can participate in various events. If you write a comment on the ‘TL DAY’ post on the official NC Dinos Instagram, we will select the poet and the theater through the lottery.

If you write a post on your Instagram, you can participate in the ‘Hashtag Baseball Ball Event’, which allows you to select the signal ball of NC Dinos athletes. On the day of the economic day, the first-come-first-served visitors will provide a ‘TL Cheer Towel’. You can also take pictures in the background of the TL mascot at the ‘Four Cut’ booth inside the stadium.

NC decorates the NC Dinos Team Store as a TL DAY commemorative product. Visitors can purchase the TL Special Uniform. You can also watch various video contents with TL characters.

For more information about the event, please visit the NC Dinos SNS account.