These are the first reviews of House of the Dragon!

Although we are still a few days after the official premiere of House of the Dragon , the new series of those responsible for _Game of Thrones, recently the first reviews of this expected adaptation began to emerge, and It seems that we will have a great proposal in our hands .

Last Monday, the premiere was held in London, England, and although the full reviews are still a couple of days away, The first opinions by the lucky ones who saw the first episode are now available in networks social.


The first episodes are hard work, a lot of narrative paperwork! But I enjoyed House of the Dragon. He looks amazing and enjoyed the allegorical, almost biblical propositions, about the search for power.

House of the Dragon was absolutely brilliant.

You… #houseofthetcheragon is wild. It does not start slowly #Gameofthronones… They choose early violence.

Take your loins!

-Definitively more similar to the first Thrones (smaller and brave battle scenes; great dialogue in the throne room)

-Not entirely convinced, although Matt Smith is great

-The dragons are impressive

-The emotional scenes really hit hard.

-A pleasant surprise after season eight.

Blood masses, bonking and dragons. Without spoilers, but great.

House of the dragon_ will arrive at HBO and HBO Max on August 21, 2022 . In related issues, here you can see the new advance of the series. Similarly, George R.R. Martin talks about some of the details we will see in the show.

Editor’s note:

With the premiere of the rings of power at the beginning of September, this is a great moment for all fantasy fans. It will be interesting to see how house of the dragon not only manages to differentiate himself from game of thrones, but also manages to take away the bad taste that the last season left all fans.