Best Crown Improvements in Cult of the Lamb

As in Roguelike, in Cult of the Lamb there are many elements and a mechanic that needs to be opened and studied. Many of them are crucial to increase your strength and help you advance on the game. One of them is an improvement in your crown to obtain special abilities. This can make you ask you the question of what the best crown improvements are in Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of the lamb-the best improvements to the crown

Each improvement in the crown will give the lamb the ability that is not associated with his curses and weapons. But when it comes to the best, we recommend darkness inside as well as resurrection as the best improvements to the crown in Cult of the Lamb. The Darkness Within gives you time points for every passage, a little prolonging your life. This is especially true for updating Resurrection, which completely saves you from your first death.

All improvements to the crown in the cult of the lamb

There are four updates to the crown that you can unlock in temple . You will need to purchase an item called the eye of a witness , as this is necessary to get an improvement in the crown. Here are all the improvements of the crown in the cult of the lamb.


Obidness *: Focus during the Crusade to instantly return to the base.
Darkness inside : Get a painful heart at the beginning of each passage of the Crusade.
Hunger : Once a day, eat food to get a painful heart.
* Resurrection : When you are killed during the Crusade for the first time, sacrifice the follower to resurrect him.

How to unlock the improvement of the crown in Cult of the Lamb

You will unlock Crown Upgrades using Eye of the Witness. This item can be obtained after passing bosses-seekers who move to each region after you defeat the bishop there. Each Eye of the Witness will allow you to get one improvement in the crown, which means that you can get all four after victory over each bishop.

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