Ark: survival evolved

Early access starting FARTHEST FRONTIER with craft and survival elements

Crate Entertainment, known as the Grim Dawn developer, has launched an early access to PC (Steam) with Japanese-language compatible with the new town planning survival survival.

This is a town planning simulation game with craft elements and survival elements. Players will open up the wilderness at the end of the world, and continue to build and develop the town to build and hunt materials, fish, and build farms. Through transactions and consumption with villagers, you must survive while crafting items to create weapons and fighting harsh environments and external threats. 50 kinds of buildings can be built, and let’s grow from a small village to a large city. The production items will be upgraded as the city prosper. The city and the people who live there are highly simulated, and in real time they work on products and agriculture. It is also important to survive to fight with looters and foreign troops, build a stone wall, build a barracks, recruit soldiers, and defend the town. Players who do not want to participate in battle are available in pacifist mode.


About early access

It seems that the early access period is scheduled for about 8 to 12 months, as the game system will be changed or added. In addition, the product version adds a layer of housing and expands consumer goods and production facilities. The price will not be changed in the future.

Farthest Frontier, a survival sim, which develops the town by all means, such as fishing, hunting, agriculture and architecture, is currently being distributed for 3,090 yen for PC (Steam).