Kingopa origin, Arang Legend series is the latest work

The latest film of the Arang Legend, which is the representative fighting game series in the 90s and the origin of the King of Fighters, has been released.

On the 8th, SNK released the latest teaser video of the Arang Legend series on its official YouTube. In the 30-second video, two characters with only the silhouette appeared along with Rock Howard. The two characters are believed to be Billy Khan and Kain R. Hein Line. In addition, SNK said, Arang legend leaves a new history in fighting games. I hope you look forward to the story of the legend.

Arang Legend began in 1991 and was driven by Street Fighter in the 90’s fighting game boom in the 90s. After the Arang Mark of the Wolves, which was released in 1999, there was no new game, and the news was cut off, and about 20 years later, the latest development was delivered and again. However, more information on the latest works, such as characters, models, and launch timing, has not been announced yet.


In addition, SNK introduced the new DLC of The King of Fighters 15. First, from 4 pm on the 8th, three ‘Awakening Orochi Team’ characters from Orochi Yashiro, Orochi Celme and Orochi Chris appeared in sequence. The team is distributed. Lastly, next year, with the start of the new season, Kim Gap-hwan and Abuki reports appear as new characters and support cross play. The total number of characters will be 54.