Wild rift

Minecraft transforms into The Legend of Zelda BOTW! Data packs that reproduce magnification etc. are released

CRAIY of YouTuber released the data pack The Breath of the Wild DataPack that reproduces the elements of Zelda’s Legends Breath of the Wild in Minecraft . did.

Minecraft has many other titles reproduction maps such as ELDEN RING and DOOM. Craft has also been tried in the past, The Legend of Zelda’s Breath of the Wild, but this time CRAIY has created a data pack that reproduces game elements.

In this data pack, Seeker Stone, which can launch multiple functions such as Seeker Tower, Magne Catch and Ice Maker, which are generated randomly on the map and have a sequence rate, and the original. It contains Boco Brin, which sounds like a horn.


According to the introductory video, the data pack released this time is the first part and is planned to be large-scale update.

The Breath of the Wild Datapack, which supports Minecraft Java 1.19, can be downloaded from CRAIY.NET. Please be at your own risk when introducing.